Project 52 Anyone?

One of my most favorite quotes is one by Emerson, “The years tell us much that the days never knew”. Boy oh boy is that true! Every day seems like another unimportant day and we spend our lives waiting for the important years ahead. But when we look back on the years passed or flip through old photos those seemingly unimportant days suddenly have a bigger importance. This is why photography is so important to me and why I think it should be important to you too.

So my proposal is this: Join with me while I photo along with Paint the Moon Photography in her “This Is Our Life: A Let’s do 52 Project”. What is a Project 52 you say? Easy, it’s where you capture one photo a week with the theme given for that week. I especially like this project because the themes are centered around lifestyle photography. That is, capturing those everyday, seemingly unimportant photos and what you end up with is a a beautiful moment to hold onto in the years to come.

Yes, I do realize it is April and the Project started in January (52 weeks in a year) so I (oops I mean WE) have some catching up to do. The first theme that Annie from Paint the Moon (PTM) posted is “evening rituals”. What do you do with your family at night that could be important to you? Is it the cute way that your little ones say their prayers? Or fun time with bubbles in the bath? Take a pic of whatever the theme means to you and post it on Annie’s flickr group  or Instagram it with  #lullabyportraits to share in our newsfeed. Let’s get this project goingevening rituals


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